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So as you see, I finally have my own website.  I always used the excuse that I didn't have enough time. Well, guess what?  I find myself with much more time than I like so I'll do this for now.  I'm still not sure of the intent other than to get my photography seen by folks other than family and friends.

I would like to consider myself more of an "artsy" photography, but I'm not all that fond of black and white, and in today's art world .... well it's what everyone wants on their wall. I may experiment with it more although it's an entirely different beast than color photography.

The site is in it's beginning stages, and with any luck the look of it will change somewhat to more suit my intent. I've tried over the years to catagorize my photography, but I just don't fit into any niche. I photograph what I like, unless I'm working on a project like the City Park signs or Uncle Dan's book. The management team at Parkplace finally published the "Resident's Brochure" with my photography, so that's another project under my belt. I really do enjoy the process of putting a project together. Working with a designer, architect, or other professionals gives each project a uniqueness and team oriented feel that you just can't get anywhere else.

I really do enjoy the peacefulness of wildlife photography, but other than the avain type I find here in the city my subjects are limited. I'm going to get up to the mountains and out to Sterling more this summer depending on my schedule. There is quite a bit of wildlife out there, I just can't get to it on my bicycle.

I'll try to keep the website fresh and blog here from time to time, but since the site is dedicated to photography it may get a bit boring. We'll just have to see.


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