Tom, where the hell have you been?

Man, I haven't posted in so long I almost forgot how. Things are still happening on the photo front. Things on the job hunting front are not. I've applied to over two hundred positions in the past eight months, and had six, count 'em six interviews. I had a terrific interview today, but I'm probably too expensive for them. I've dropped my asking salary thirteen thousand a year, and I'm still over priced. Mom 'n Pop didn't raise no quitters though, so onward.

I've gotten published in the Greenways Foundation monthly, and I am forever grateful for that. I have the privelege of meeting the founder's son and current President of the foundation on the seventeenth and I'm really looking forward to that. I got some really good shots of Lou Gramm, the former lead singer-songwriter for Foreigner at the Taste of Colorado. I have also been retained by the band "The Last Thoughts of Ezra Pound" to do their photography. I've shot three of their live events. That's probably the most fun I've had with all my clothes on in some time.

I've gotten a lot more adventurous with photoshop lately working on techniques I see other photographers using and having monetary success with. I also want to get some prints done on canvas and aluminum. The aluminum process is fairly new, and is very dynamic in it's appearance. It gives it a look like the old porcelain signs, but with your images on them. Very cool.

Well, that's about it for now. It won't be nearly as long until the next one.


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