Photoshop part II

I have used Photoshop for editing images since I was first introduced to it about two years ago. There are other editing software programs but for the cost I think Photoshop is an excellent way to get started. I've about outgrown Photoshop Elements and will graduate to Lightroom soon. Lately I've been pushing the limits of Elements capability, but I am also still learning different features. As seen on the website I've really been enjoying putting together more commercial compositions involving everything from portrait to album or cd covers.

I hope I never get to the point of "knowing it all" because the learning is much more fun than being accomplished. The more popular saying is "It's not the destination but the journey" or some such b.s. And it's true. It's been that way in life with just about every aspect of the maturing process. From learning to drive, the birds and bees, and even my given craft.  From the first time I cracked open the Nikon owner's manual it's been five years of learning. And it never stops. I've been told that Lightroom has a lot of the features I've been looking for including ones that will enhance low lighting shots that I have so many challenges with.

I've been doing a lot of experimenting with backgrounds. There are an abundace of downloadable backgrounds, but I've had the most success with the ones I create myself. I usually use an image of something that compliments my subject colorwise and blur it, refine it, blur it, lighten it, darken it, until I have just the right color combination. It's very time consuming, but when it works it's magic.

I do have my share of critics when it comes to using photoshop to manipulate an image. I tell them what my father told me about art. "Use every color in your palette, and every brush at your disposal. And if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, throw it away and do it again." Great advice Pop, that's what I'm doing. Thanks.


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