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At some point I knew I'd have to do this so I might as well say this now while this thing is still fun for me. Incidentally, if photography ever gets to be a grind or is no longer fun I'll quit. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Anyway I've described photography many ways over the past few years. A job, an art, a way to express yourself. And I still believe that. What you find on my website defines me. The images, the music, the blog. All of it is a part of me somehow. 

  My recently departed father was a terrific writer. He wrote children's stories, cop stories, and articles for newspapers. His writing defined him. He meant every word he wrote. My three brothers were able to inherit the writing gene from Pop.

Pop was also a pretty fair photographer. His was black and white and shot with a 35 mm Graflex. He had an eye for the dramatic. Usually it was landscape. Pop also painted with oils, sculpted with clay into bronze. He carved wood and painted signs.  But I digress. I usually do when it comes to Pop. The loss is still fresh.

My point is that his writing was documenting. Whether it was real life incidents, opinions, or flights of fancy it was all documentation. That's what photography is to me. Documenting events. I have documented conventions to nominate and elect presidential candidates, birthdays, events big and small. I have documented birds in flight, fish in water and humans in all of their strengths and frailties.

I view all of this as a privilege. A gift. Sometimes it's a blast. A gas. Sometimes it's somber and sad. Sometimes its sexy, sometimes funny, sometimes absurd. I will document damn near anything that won't get me in trouble. I even push that as my family and friends will gladly tell you. I have found that the U.S. Air Force frowns on me photographing their warplanes on manuevers, and the Feds on missions don't care to have their faces photo'ed. Part of me wants to shout First Amendment, but the sensible part of me says there is a very good reason people don't want things (including themselves) photographed and I need to respect that, although I think I'm missing some damn fine documentation!

So that's my take on photography. Feel free to comment and for Gawds sake keep visiting this site. It changes daily. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.


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