Moving Forward

I said I'd keep this website fresh, and I've not done a very good job. Well, it's only a few days old, and it's my first one so maybe there is some sense to be made of that. Still, a promise is a promise.

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with a bunch of attachments today. The attachments were shots taken around the world of some fairly stunning sights. This e-mail was no doubt put together by someone who has a lot of time on their hands and not a lot to do. Hmmmm sounds familiar. I was impressed with the quality of the shots and the breath-taking beauty of the sights. Then I got to thinking. If I had an unlimited budget and a lot of time where would I go and what would I shoot? Maybe north to the arctic, or south to New Zealand? Both places have some pretty wild terrain full of potential visual majesty. Maybe France, or the Austria for some calming countryside shots.

Then it occurred to me. There is no better place than here in the U.S. for diversity of landscape and quality of natural visual art. There's the Grand Canyon south, and the badlands of South Dakota directly north of here. There's the Gulf Coast with thousands of miles of beauty, and the great forests of the northwest. The cities themselves are usually fairly photogenic if you look in the right places. The beaches of California, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the desert. Same for Miami. Except replace the desert with the keys and the Everglades. Then combine that with the art deco architecture and hot bodies of South Beach.

O.K. so I have the time, now all I need is the budget. Oh wait, I need to find a steady job first. Photography just isn't paying the bills. In the mean time I will continue to do shoots in and around Denver and western Colorado with an occasional foray out to the plains by Sterling.

I usually display these occasions on my shutterfly page, but folks just aren't visiting there. Too hard to remember a log-in and password. So I will start a project page on this site to display the latest and greatest. Those familiar with photography will know that not every shot is a keeper. And of those keepers not every one is something someone will be interested in. So I will only display something that is visually appealing or of historic significance.

Please keep visiting and do let me know what you think. I value all of your opinions.


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