Cherry Creek

I headed down the Cherry Creek trail today to photo the blossoms along the creek. The trees along Cherry Creek have thinned out quite a bit, and the city is making no moves to replace the ones that die. Most of the blossoming trees are not cherry trees. They are flowering crabapple. All of the trees that blossom around trees are ornamentals. They are not indigenous to our climate, although if the warming trend continues they will most likely thrive here.

There are also pear trees around the city, but they don't tend to do well here either. They do very well on the western slope where a lot of fruit is grown and harvested here in Colorado. None of this really matters, I buy my fruit in a store and don't plan on harvesting it from city trees anytime soon. What I would love to see is the city invest in some more of the ornamental flowering trees along Cherry Creek. Especially along the Speer Boulevard stretch.  Whether they are cherry, crabapple, pear or some other species I think it is the perfect place for them. There's already a good start, but the areas that have them are spaced too far apart for a really good effect.

I did the best I could with whats there. I see a lot of the flowering trees planted recently around city government buildings especially the new ones like the Justice Center and Denver Health. These are all young trees and won't make an appreciable difference for another ten years. Then I think it will have a stunning effect around downtown and the adjoining neighborhoods. I'll just have to wait.


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